VOICES OF COVID-19 – Romford Mercury Shopping Hall, Havering

The impact of COVID-19 is all around us.  Life as we know it has changed dramatically over the past few months.

This short video is a collective of just some of the people we interviewed on the day, and we will be uploading more over the next few weeks. And many people are feeling the effects on the way we feel about reintegration back into schools, colleges and employment and it is affecting the way we live and our mental health. FOAM20 recently hosted a weekend pop up film station at the Mercury Shopping Centre in Romford where we invited the general public to have a voice and tell us exactly what they think on the pandemic, how they feel, how it is affecting their lives and the community that they live in … let us know what you think!! All participants featured all signed the relevant copyright documents enabling us to feature in our short documentary.

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