FF20 – Tommy Jituboh, Once I was lost

This story maps how Tommy went from a hardened criminal caught in the system to a man who has turned his life around and is now helping people overcome their battles with drug addiction.  Watch his inspiring story and if you need any help  contact https://www.victoryoutreachuk.com/

Tommy Jituboh (Tommy Hole) was a hard man who thought his reputation for violence would carry him through to a peaceful retirement. But then he was gunned down in a pub in broad daylight. Was it the result of a 20-year turf war or a misjudged drugs heist? Nick Paton Walsh investigates

The Beckton Arms is a small, boozy doldrums in London’s East End. On one side it is flanked by Barking Road, on the other the A13. Each night the road heaves under the weight of traffic trying to get out of the capital, but the Beckton’s side road remains still. Here, on a lethargic Sunday afternoon on 5 December of last year, one of Canning Town’s most notorious faces, 57-year-old Tommy Hole, met his lifelong friend, Joe ‘The Crow’ Evans, for an afternoon’s drinking. Hole had run into Geoff Humphries, Evans’s son-in-law, earlier that afternoon and the three sat at the bar. At 3pm, someone came in, scouted around and quickly left. Surrounded by regulars, Hole, Evans and Humphries carried on drinking, unperturbed.

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/theobserver/2000/mar/19/life1.lifemagazine1


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