SICK The Movie- Extended Version

In this video

SICK The Movie highlights MENTAL HEALTH in our Yount People and the signs to indicate when something is wrong, this film has become a great resource for schools and colleges.

We completed the filming in exactly two weeks and their journey began.

The short film SICK was screened in a local community centre to a packed audience of young people, adults and mental health practitioners. They stood tall and gave their testimonies with confidence.

We decided that they could go even further with this project and turn it into a workshop and training tool. To date this short film has had nearly one hundred thousand views on YouTube and they have attended numerous colleges and care homes to talk about mental health and spotting the early signs.

During September 2019, the short film was screened at the National Gallery. This was the first short film of its kind to be screened there. This made history as the film was screened during Black History month too.


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