CRIPPLED KARMA- Official Trailer 2020

Six people are kidnapped and taken to a factory / house where they are subjected to a series of gruelling torture and humiliation.

They are trapped and have to work out how to escape and more importantly why they have been chosen in the first place.

The plot becomes clearer as they are given clues to why there are there.

They have all contributed to changing someone’s life in an attack that took place three years earlier. Three years ago they attacked a random member of the public to score points. The victim was severely beaten and is bound to a wheelchair. It has taken three years of planning to instigate a revenge. A revenge that is not as savage as the random attack, but mentally it will change the lives of the attackers forever.

The victim and his Carer have decided to seek retribution for the attack and are determined to see it through. The victim (Mo) can only communicate via a special machine and has laid out his request to his helper.

The aim is to put these young people into a position that they can experience the same horror that they inflicted three years ago.

This short film addresses the fact that violence has become a part of our society. If this is so, how do the victims survive?

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